What We Do

Freedom Bulwark: helping with the loan application process since ever 

Being in this financial domain for more than a decade now, there are certain aspects that differentiate Freedom Bulwark from various other loan providing companies that are present in the market. Our set of rules and regulations, their approval process, their credibility, all of it makes us superior in comparison to other financial institutions.

While applying for a loan, it is imperative that the borrower checks certain information that would make this whole process easier for them. However, most of the financial companies consider it to be the borrower’s duty to know each of these required details and apply for the concerned loan.

However, we, at Freedom Bulwark make it a point to provide each of these details in a codified manner that would help in the loan application procedure.

Steps that are to be followed:

  • Checking out the correct site:

This is the first thing that has to be done since there are a number of financial institutions that are present with their set of loan criteria. We provide a comparative list of all these websites that are present, their monetary details, repayment period, rates of interest and other aspects. With this comparative study, it becomes easier for people to choose that site which is best in terms of monetary value.

  • Application process:

This is the most important detail that needs to be gone through thoroughly at every step by the borrower. We provide detailed information in this case.

  • Once the site is finalised, the respective Guarantor Loan form is to be taken and filled in with the required details.
  • We also provide complete details regarding which documents are to be taken, which columns are to be filled and where the final declaration is to be made.
  • Along with the form, a separate letter stating the requirements of that loan is to be given.
  • The documents required are personal identity proof, bank records, every financial record of the concerned guarantor as we primarily deal with Guarantor Loans, specific statement stating reasons for this monetary necessity.

With all these documents being submitted in the correct manner, the process can be continued.

  • Details associated with the Guarantor:

While applying for Guarantor Loans, it is important that the person who is acting as a guarantor should fulfil certain rules and regulations that are part of this process. Only when these details are verified can the concerned person act as a guarantor.

  • The guarantor should be an adult, 18 years and above in age, with a sound mind.
  • The guarantor should have a fixed income above £1000 with a proper income certificate present.
  • He should have a bank account with no financial lack of any type.
  • He should be ready to present himself as a guarantor against loan that is to be tended to the concerned person.

When all these criteria match up, we make sure that no hurdle comes forth for your loan to be disapproved.

  • Loan Approval:

This is the final process for getting the loan. After getting the required information and detailed documents from the borrower, we carry on with our personal set of checking standards. Once the submitted details match our required data, loan is sanctioned within a period of 24 to 48 hours.

So, with us at Freedom Bulwark, you are bound to get a detailed explanation of the process of application for our specialised Guarantor Loans, easing this whole procedure.